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A great earning potential with the opportunity to grow your business with minimal one time investment and zero working capital

As an emerging player in the payments and utility service providers, Ezeepay helps you transfer payments through a robust, highly secure and ultra user-friendly framework. With a family of more than 500,000 agents.

Banking Services

Provide all banking services to your customers at one stop and earn commissions with Ezeepay

As an Ezeepay Retailer, you can offer banking services like Cash Withdrawal, Cash Deposit, Money Transfer, Aadhar Pay, Mini Statement, Balance Enquiry, M-ATM, Prepaid Cards, Loans and many more to your customers and earn upto Rs. 50,000.
The Retailers can manage their credit base and ledger as well with Ezeepay. The product is designed to make every retail shop a mini bank.

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Utility and Bill Payments

Make different bill payments with Ezeepay on behalf of your customers and get monetary rewards for your services

As a platform, Ezeepay wants to help new-age entrepreneurs, the ones who have their say in their own hands. When you pay someone’s bill, be it electricity or postpaid or anything else, you get a commission and hence, the money is made.

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Insurance Services

Insure your customers vehicles, devices, health & life and make money through insurance cover with Ezeepay

Why would you help someone with getting their insurance with Ezeepay? Because for every service you sell as a retailer, there is a fixed commission for you in the end.

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Travel Services

Earn Money when you book different tickets for your customers, including buses, flights, trains, etc. with Ezeepay portal

Not just bill payments, you can also take care of people’s travelling needs too and earn quick money with that. Book hotels, flights & trains and get real-time commissions like no other platform, only on Ezeepay. REGISTER NOW!!

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E-Governance Services

Retailers can register GST, file ITR, fill forms of MSME for their customers' businesses with Ezeepay and get that extra side income

Be SMART (Simple Moral Accountable Responsive & Transparent) with Ezeepay. Be side-by-side with the government & earn money as you help your own people with their daily needs of government-related documents and services.

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Neo Banking Services

Open bank accounts, receive/send money through, apply for credit/debit cards, and other neo-banking services with Ezeepay

Why bother going to the bank when you can be one yourself? The idea is to provide each and every service that the bank provides, from your end. Technically, you become a bank yourself. Providing commission-based bank services can help you earn more and more money.

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Neo Banking Service

Join the new age banking revolution with Ezeepay today. With Ezeepay, you can offer all the leading banking services to your customers at a minimum cost by just using their adhar information and earning a good income as a commission.

Know Us

We Are Here To Make डिजिटल भारत


Kuch Bhi

Pay Karo

EzeePay Karo

In this era of digital revolution throughout the nation, EzeePay has emerged as a leading service provider for money transfer through the proven Aadhar Enabled Payment Systems (AEPS) alongside all the other major banking and utility services.

Our Vision

we strive to create digital banking services easy, convenient and accessible in every village and rural areas of india.

Why Join Us?

Benefits Of Joining Us

img Minimum Investment

We offers all the services with a minimum investment and with a secure platform.

img Big Bunch of Products
& Services

We offers 60+ services to our agents to serve best way possible to their customer.

img Earn Commission on
Every Transaction

Ezeepay offer maximum commission to their agents for all the service transaction.

img Prestige & Customer

Ezeepay family became a family of 500k agents with the trust and loyalty of our agents.

Ezeepay Digital

डिजिटल सदी का डिजिटल भारत

Become A Part Of Us

We are inviting all distributors, retailers, and individuals to be part of
our digital and smart solutions that can help them earn profits and prestige.


Become An Agent

Agents have a chance to select from our different products and provide better services to their customers. It can help them manage the credits in a better way. You can also assist your customers and increase your income.
You don’t need to invest any working capital or money. Also, you get the chance to earn more than Rs. 25,000 a month by associating with us like other agents and retailers.

Join over 5,00,000 retailers. Earn more than 25,000 per month. No working capital required


Become A Distributor

You can make more money through your distribution services using Ezeepay. You have the chance to earn more than 25% of the money invested as a commission by providing your network with our services. You do not need to make any physical effort or rent a big fat store or have any staff.
You have the chance to be among our 10,000 distributors across India who are earning more than 50,000/- per month. JOIN NOW!

Join over 10,000 distributors. Earn more than 50,000 per month


Become A Master Distributor

As a master distributor, you can set up a huge chain of distribution and agents. You don’t need to make an investment to rent a store or pay for your help. Also, you have the opportunity to earn 25 per cent as a commission on your overall investment. It can be done by selling our digital products, thus, no physical hard work.
You can make more than Rs 100,000 per month by joining our chain of distribution. So, be a part of our network.

Join us and earn more than 150,000 per month with us


Become A District Franchise

By joining the Ezeepay business franchise model, you have a chance to make more than Rs. 200,000 a month without spending a single paisa on stores, godowns, or staff members, it’s all digital. Make use of your contacts and network to earn a 25% commission on the total investment. You can be a part of our membership and be as successful as they are.

Join us and earn more than 200,000 per month with us

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