Insurance Services

Insure your customers vehicles, devices, health & life and make money through insurance cover with Ezeepay

Now you can provide your local customers with different types of insurance policies, ranging from life insurance to motor insurance using Ezeepay. Retailers can check different plans, check the premiums, and then offer different insurance policies to their local people, as per their needs. By selling insurance plans, you can earn a good commission.

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Ezeepay Insurance Services

Get the Best Insurance Policies

Ezeepay can help you find different types of insurance policies as per the needs of your rural customers
and secure their lives & livelihood. There are several affordable plans available


Health Insurance

Ezeepay helps retailers find the best health insurance policies from varied options available for their customers. Retailers can help their clients avoid huge hospital bills, medical bills, diagnostic bills, etc., by providing them with health insurance at a reasonable premium per year. You can search for individual or family health insurance and can ask for the type of plan your customers need and find it accordingly.


Motor Insurance

With Ezeepay, retailers can book motor insurance for their customers. There are different policies available for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and other heavy and light vehicles. As per the requirement, you can search for suitable motor insurance and help people living in your local areas avoid heavy expenditure after accidents involving their vehicles.


Shop Insurance

Insurance for shops is important because they are the major source of livelihood, especially in village areas. Retailers that join Ezeepay have the option to find a decent insurance plan for their customers' shops and help them stay tension-free from any theft or incident of fire or other problems that can harm their shops. You can use Ezeepay to see what insurance company offers the most suitable plan for their shop.


Device Insurance

Electronic devices like mobile phones are costly. So, covering them with an insurance plan is a good idea. Retailers can use Ezeepay to find different plans that can cover different electronic devices at a cost-effective price for them and their clients. Relieve your customers from the stress of mobile phones getting stolen or lost.


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